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ZIMBABWE – Quick Overview

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa.  It borders Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia.

Population: Estimated 15.9 million (2016)

Life expectancy at birth: 57 years

Level of corruption: ranked by Transparency International as 150 out of 168 countries

Average salary: $57 a month

Risk assessment: 

- A high risk political and economic situation, and an often very difficult business environment, can have a very significant impact on corporate payment behaviour;

- Availability of food and health care is precarious. 

Source: Global Edge

What about the artist and the art work?

Mike Kapesa & Tafadwsa Simon
Mike Kapesa & Tafadwsa Simon


Zimbabwe artisans recycling metal into art

The unique pieces showcased in Lazuli Art come from a Fair Trade Co-op in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean artists are based in the capital Harare, where vibrant and traditional local culture thrives. Using recycled metals; car parts, industry scrap, fridges and cookers, these innovative artists create intricately beautiful birds, fish and cacti. 

As members of a Fair Trade Co-op, the  artists, artisans, welders and assistants are guaranteed fair prices for their work and safe and healthy working conditions. A family community has flourished around the co-op,  children attend local schools and have access to health care. In a country struggling with drought, severe food shortages and political unrest, the Fair Trade Co-op offers security, a vastly improved standard of living and hope for a brighter future.