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Madagascar - Quick Overview

Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa. Madagascar has a strategic location along the Mozambique Channel. 

Population: 23.8 million (2015)

Life expectancy at birth: 66 years

Level of corruption: ranked by Transparency International as 123 out of 168 countries

Average salary: $36 a month

Risk assessment: 

- A high-risk political and economic situation and an often very difficult business environment can have a very significant impact on corporate payment behavior;

- The business environment is very difficult (ex: the corporate financial information is rarely available)

Source: Global Edge

What about the artist and the art work?

Malgasy artisans
Malgasy artisans


Metal Art work by Malagasy

Close to a green rice field and Antananarivo’s centre in Madagascar, there is an iron workshop where a couple of Malagasy, Violette and Dieudonné, have been settled for 15 years.

At the beginning it was a family business but now 400 women and men are part of the project. It is more than a simple iron workshop; Violette and Dieudonné strive to create a space away from misery, failure and despair. They want to maintain a real “living place” where people can be protected and have a decent life. Women, men, couples or singles, with or without children, disabled or able-bodied; all are welcome. 


The project is a kind of “Noah’s ark” where everybody can work in peace, and also eat, thanks to a communal canteen and a big vegetable garden. 

These artisans create beautiful pieces with very basic tools, working on the floor but with impressive creativity. Violette and Dieudonné are always there to help and teach their protégés. 

Each member can help this little society with their particular knowledge and skills (for example, some can contribute by repairing the roof). The project’s keyword is mutual aid, and its greatest success was in the training of 200 students from the primary class to the year 10.

Lazuli Art is delighted to promote this project outside the Malagasy borders and help this little enterprise to grow.